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Beth Thomas Cohen

I LITERALLY feel that way almost everyday in the area I grew up in. As I get older I feel further and further away from the type of people I used to call my friends, realizing that I always felt different because I WAS in fact different. I don't even think it was them making me feel that way. I think, I just felt that way because it WAS that way.

I am now sitting in the same town, and I think to myself would it be better to move to a completely different state? And how far would I have to go? I don't want to leave the best friends that I have had my entire life - that live in the general vicinity of where I live - and oh, my family too, of course; all the things that the situation more complicated.

I think that's what I loved about the city, the anonymity of it all was fantastic and you just saw who you wanted to see and ran into who you wanted to run into and there are all different types of people.  I know there were things about it I didn't love too, but those were things I could easily overlook. I am sad that there's not a place in NJ that exists with GREAT schools and everything that I want, that really good mix of people it's forcing me to think outside of the box that's for sure; but also makes me sad to think that for the better part of my life I wasted so much time being friends with the wrong people. "TERRIBLE TUESDAY" is in full affect!



Beth Thomas Cohen

I know in most cases unless you have experienced something yourself, it's hard to really know what people go through. Like you feel badly if a friend loses a parent, but you REALLY get it if you lost one yourself. OR if someone has a child with special needs you can only IMAGINE what it is like you can't REALLY feel the full scope of what it is like. I find that people who don't have kids have a hard time understanding what it takes to raise a person/persons. It's like they kind of get it, but they can't fully understand what it is like on just about every level. I am not saying there's anything wrong with that it's just something we as parents have to cope with when you have to deal with people who can't really relate to you. It could be a friend, a sibling, a co-worker anyone! It is just super fucking annoying A LOT of the time, and when you insinuate that that is the case they get mildly offended that you would even think that. Problem is it's true they just can't seem to see that on so many occasions.

I recently made a plan with a childless person, who was taking my child to do something. The plans got crossed over with an important dr. appt. (which would affect the plans that we did make of course), AND although that’s super annoying it is what it is.  If we have to understand that you don’t have kids, then please understand that we do have kids!